We are committed to personal and social transformation through healing, peace and reconciliation.

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Together we can interrupt the transmission of lateral violence to another generation.

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There are reasons why lateral violence exists in our communities.  The first step to healing is in understanding the condition, it's causes and how it is passed on.  Attend a community presentaion on Promoting Lateral Peace and learn how you can be involved in healing from lateral violence in your community. 
​​In our experiential workshops, we use a holistic approach that is a combination of non violence, and heart and spriit centered learning principles.  Research shows that experiential learning builds knowledge, understanding and empathy.  Empathy and compassion are key components in social and emotional healing.

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Our soft skills audit gauges the level of workplace energy, morale, and staff satisfaction. Things that may affect effective service delivery are high staff turnover, differing cultural values, lateral violence behaviours and fixed mindsets.  We can identify any issues and offer solutions that will empower your staff to work better together and to effectively deal with any behaviours or situations in positive ways.           
At The Lateral Peace Project we take the view that  social and emotional healing begins within the hearts of individuals, within the heart of our organizations and within our communities.  Contact us to speak at your community events, forums or meetings.   We also facilitate panel discussions and stimulate dialogue on healing and reconciliation.

Foster Cultural Capability 

Different value systems and lack of cultural understanding can affect healing and wellness outcomes for vulnerable people in the community.  Contact us for information on improving cultural relationships and service delivery to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Gayle, Richard, Shirley and Robert are well respected in their communities and share a deep commitment to the healing and advancement of Aboriginal People.  They  have a deep understanding of the impacts of intergenerational trauma and social disadvantage and how this contributes to the lateral violence within Aboriginal communities.  They have come together as Co Founders of The Lateral Peace Project to address the issue of lateral violence.  
Because the Lateral Peace Project is based in cultural values, the Founders have adopted a more cultural way of introductiom.  They are adopting an egalitarian approach that they believe is in alignment with their values of inclusion, and cooperation.  Gayle is a Gunggari woman from South West Queensland.  Richard has Kamilaroi and Kooma heritage.   Shirley and Robert are proud Waka Waka people.  They each share a mutual respect for each other's experience, knowledge and wisdom with the full understanding that they each bring a unique flavour to the project and that their combined experience and dedication to the project is what will give it it's strength and momentum.   
Collectively they have several decades of experience gained from their community involvement and working within their communities in a variety of roles that include:  CEO AISHRA, Chairperson IDEA, as Board Members, Regional Manager DATSIP, Social Justice Group Members  Murri Court Sitting Members, RAP members, Advisory Committe Member Lifeline Advisory Committee, Men's Women's and Child and Youth Healing Camp Co-ordinators and Facilitators,  Cultural Heritate Co-ordinator, Cultural Educators,  Youth Mentoring,  
Key Achievements include:  Presentation of Papers at an International Level including United Nations - Elimination of Racial Discrimination  And
Healing Our Spirits Worldwide - Re-establishing Our Sense  of Belonging and Restoring Peace in Aboriginal Communities.
They have worked in a variety of sectors including Child safety and the Commission for Children, Young People and Child Guardian,  Health Education and Training, Remote Communities, Department of Corrective Services (working within the prison system with Aboriginal inmates both male and female),  Vocational Education (alternate school programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island kids at risk), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Services.

They hold qualifications in and are experienced in Counselling, Mental Health, Mental Health First Aid, Training and Assessment, Narrative Therapy in Counselling and Group Work,  Life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Child Services, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage Therapy.  
Professional Development Training Includes: Peace Ambassadorship, Mindfulness and the Hakomi Method in Counselling, Mindfulness and Emotional Healing, Circle of Security Parenting, Jack Canfield - Breakthrough to Success and Breakthrough to Success Advanced Training, Marumali , Reiki.  


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