The most effective ways to produce results is to open up healthy avenues for dialogue and empower through experiential holistic education. 
  • Open up dialogue within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak bodies (National and State), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Organizations to include lateral peace and healing as a priority within their organizations.
  • Pierce through the barriers of resignation and apathy around lateral violence within communities and community organizations through 
  • Empower individuals and organizations to reunite with cultural values and reestablish a sense of community and belonging 
  • Create a movement of people through cultural education with  peace at it's core, based on the principles of non violence and deep listening practices.  We believe that every life we touch will touch another 
  • Provide online resources 
  • Connect people with people who share a common purpose of social healing outside of the constraints of "rigged" systems 
  • Inspire a vision of healing, peace and reconciliation based on cultural values and adapted to contemporary life.
  • Prevent the transmission of lateral violence to another generation   
Education:  From a cultural platform, this part of the project explains the root causes of lateral violence.  It examines issue of lateral violence from multiple perspectives and explains how it is transmitted from one generation to the next.  The education part of the program takes differnt forms and includes community education, workshops, online resources.  Our workshops are designed to heal, inspire and empower participants to be game changers within their communities.  
In Lateral Peace workshops, participants explore the prevailing mindsets around denial, discouragement, and despair about both the past and the future, and they examine the case for embracing a sense of healing and hope.    
Healing:  The Lateral Peace Project is underpinned by the assumptions that esentially we are peaceful beings who are compassionate, empathic and caring by nature.  We thrive best when we feel a sense of belonging and connection.  Violence in any form is  a learned behaviour that has at it's core the idea that we are separate from each other.  Lateral violence has damaged our connections to each other and disrupted our sense of belonging.   Lateral Violence is not our culture.   Aboriginal culture was inclusive, spirit centered and collaborative.  The culture imposed by the colonizers was exclusive, mind centered and competitive, the oppostie to what we had learned and lived by for over 60.000 years.  First Nations peoples the world over have absorbed much of the introduced culture that goes against natural law and cultural values.  The natural laws of coexistence and collaboration, depend of environmental respect and the understanding of the cyclic nature and the interrelatedness of everything that exists.  This is the very core of Aboriginal Spirituality
We heal by understanding and by our willingness to heal.  Our social and emotional wounds are deep and it takes deep work to heal the wounds of the past and restore peace and wellbeing.   In our workshops you will join in rich discussions and reground yourself in cultural wisdom and knowledge. Our training is steeped in heart centered (compassion, empathy, cooperation, collaboration and caring) and spirit centered (deep listening, connection and coexistence) methods that restore and deepen wellbeing.  
Action:  Individual action - Addressing lateral violence is both a personal and community responsibility.  To be effective it needs a top down and bottom up approach.  No one is immune from it.  The Lateral Peace Project operates from a platform of peace and inclusion.  
Collective Action - The arena we are playing in and the rules we are playing by are rigged against us.  Social injustice and institutionalized racism are evidence of this.  We know this.  This is nothing new.  We lack a united voice and the main causative factor is lateral violence which results in the inability to have a united voice, which causes lateral violence - each is a cause and each is an effect.  What if there was an opportunity to change this, to join a movement that is aligned with cultural values, whose focus is on restoring peace?  
Sacred activism is a mode of action used by peacemakers around the world.  It has been described as a mix of spiritual awareness, passion and wisdom with dedicated action.  Changing the face of lateral violence requires a group of proactive, dedicated people willing to stand up and promote peace firstly within thmeselves and then within our communities.   Restoring peace within the hearts of people after generations of emotional trauma and damage will take many forms and many people committed people.  We have to be our own solution. 
Lateral Peace workshop participants are the ripple effect of hope, peace and healing.