Operating Principles & Core Values

Our Vision:
We have a Local,  a State, a National and a Global presence.  We build and strengthen relationships and networks that contributes to a culture where social justice, spiritual fulfillment, environmental responsibility and peace can flourish.
Our Mission:
Through a cultural lens and the Lateral Peace Project, we deliver our programs and services from the heart and in ways that inspire and empower personal and collective healing and transformation.    
We  model and promote compassion, respect, understanding and forgiveness and we understand the roles each of these qualities play in emotional, social and soul healing, personal transformation and reconciliation.
Our Operating Principles 
Authenticity:  To be the best example of collaboration, self awareness, open hearted communication and the Principles of Peace
Integrity:  We honour our commitments, are accountable for our actions and act in accordance with our core values
Our Core Values
  • We value and honour our Aboriginal heritage and we operate from our shared values of care, respect. collaboration and community.
  • We honour the rights and beliefs of each other, and anyone we work and interact with.
  • We are committed to unity where everyone supports each other’s efforts because our impact is far greater when we work together
  • We treat everyone with respect , kindness and dignity because we know that they are essential ingredients for change.
  • We are focused on creating safe spaces when we deliver our programs; spaces that promote openness and provide opportunities that engender a renewed sense of purpose towards personal and community healing.
  • We celebrate the diverse backgrounds, life experiences, skills and talents of everyone because we know our effectiveness is measured by how we treat each other and how we honour diversity.
  • We value these things because we know that they are an integral part of social and cultural healing and that they contribute to creating culturally safe communities. 
Our Daily Meditations 
  • There is peace and unity in our communities because we have moved beyond lateral violence behaviours
  • We have leaders who are accountable and who serve us through honest and fair consultations.  They do this  with with open hearts and in the spirit of true social justice
  • We have new systems that work for all because they are aligned with nature and because we know in our hearts that this is “right way”.
  • That children are cared for, are healthy, happy and safe because exploitation, neglect and abuse no longer exist.
  • We honour each other through our traditional values and deep love and respect for family and community
  • Health and wellness centres that include alternative practitioners, wellness coaches, cultural and spiritual healers
  • Everyone has a chance to contribute, to be productive and shine.
  • We recover our sense of reverence and respect for country, our waters, fresh and salt and all that it is.
  • We reconnect with the sacredness of all life forms.
  • All learning institutions honour individuality and different learning styles.
  • Education systems include all of the above in their curriculum.